Does your corporate event need a photo booth? The answer is yes. But here are 6 reasons why your event is not complete without one.

1- Perfect way to market your brand

Most photo booths can be quite customizable. You can brand their physical appearance, the touchscreen interface and even the photos themselves. What better way to showcase your awesome brand to all the attendants?

2- Allow to collecting users’ data

Some photo booths have the power to help your marketing and sales efforts. You can run contests with them, survey your attendants, collect valuable data such as email addresses and phone numbers. Not just fun now, are they?

3- Great for team building

Having fun in teams is one of the ways to create harmony among team members. Photo booths happen to be fun, surprise!

4- Make your event memorable

Attendants typically expect food and music at an event but it’s the extra touch that will make the event memorable. Something as simple as a photo booth could take the event to another level.

5- They are the perfect icebreaker

Photo booths have the ability to bring people together, they give them something to do together and to talk about.

6- Create a social presence

Photo booths with social media capabilities can be the best thing for your social presence. They can post all the photos to Facebook and Twitter with a predefined hashtag. That’s the perfect way to engage attendants and increase your social reach. While some booths can post to Instagram, note that it’s against Instagram’s policies.


  • I like how you pointed out that a photo booth can add that extra touch to an event, and make it memorable to those attending it. I’ve been to parties and event where a photo booth is available, and it’s a great way to look back and remember the fun times you had. If I ever throw a party in the future, I’ll be sure to make the night memorable by having a photo booth for the guests.

  • Thanks for your comment about how photo booths can be branded or personalised to add an exciting element to any company event. I like how you said that having one at your event is a good way for people to socialize and get to know one another. My husband is working at a fundraiser, and he is considering renting a photo booth to add a fun element.

  • I’ve been looking for great ideas for an event that my company is hosting and this hit the bull’s eye! All reasons you have provided in your list are very good, especially this is a marketing event that we are doing. Cheers!

  • My fiance and I want to look into getting an event photo booth for our wedding. I want to learn more about the benefits of getting this for our wedding. I like that it will create a social presence in the party and make for a good icebreaker.

  • I have heard of having photo booths at wedding but never for corporate events. I would imagine it is great for employees to get to know each other. There are people at the office I would love to talk to, I just don’t know how.

  • Great information! I definitely agree that you do need a photo booth for corporate events. The portable photo booths for sale nowadays are brand-able and great for marketing and data collection.

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