Does your corporate event need a photo booth? The answer is yes. If you don’t believe us, here are 6 reasons why your event is not complete without one.

1- It’s the perfect way to market your brand

Most photo booths can be quite customizable. You can brand their physical appearance, the touchscreen interface, and even the photos. Not only will your brand be present at your event, but your guests will take it home with them. It’s the perfect way to showcase your awesome brand to all.

2- Fun way to build your database

Some photo booths have the power to help your marketing and sales efforts. You can run contests, survey your guests, and collect email addresses and phone numbers, right from the booth. Not just for fun now, are they?


3- Great for team building

Having fun in teams is one of the best ways to create strong bonds among team members. Photo booths happen to be fun, surprise!
Your team will enjoy taking group shots and taking them home.

4- Make your event memorable

Attendants expect food and music at an event but it’s the extra touches that make your events memorable. Something as simple as a photo booth could take the event to another level.

Booth at event

5- They are the perfect icebreaker

When everyone is still arriving and starting to settle in, a photo booth is a perfect way to break the ice. Photo booths have the ability to bring people together, giving your guests something to do together and to talk about.

6- Create a social presence

Photo booths with social media capabilities can be the best thing for your social presence. They can post all the photos to Facebook and Twitter with a predefined hashtag. That’s the perfect way to engage your guests and increase your social reach. While some booths can post to Instagram, note that it’s against Instagram’s policies.