Touch-free experience

Social distancing can't stop us from celebrating. Experience a feature-packed booth from 6ft 😷

*Perfect for all kind of parades (Graduation, Birthday, Baby shower) and other parties

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You can have a touch-free experience with printing or without. Check how each work below.

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Without Printing

QR Code-enabled

Would you rather use our booth without an attendant? No worries at all, we got you covered. You can now, control the booth with your phone by scanning a magic QR code.


You or your guests won’t need to touch the booth. We will have an attendant to man the booth while maintaining social distancing and CDC guidelines.


Know exactly what you’re getting. Well, and also what you’re not getting 🤷‍♀️

One Chic Attendant


No Props

Delivery & Set up

Plenty of love

Email & SMS

Online Gallery

Image Filters

Custom Photo / GIF design


How do we operate the booth since it's touch free?

One of our attendants will stay the whole time to operate the booth. He’ll wear a mask and gloves the whole time. Your guests won’t need to touch the booth. And now, you can even use our QR code integration.

How does the QR code integration work?

We will generate a QR code and display it at the event. Your guests will need their camera phones to scan the code. From that point, they will be able to operate the booth from their phone.

How does this work for parades?

Each family can take turn at the booth. They can stay in their car or exit it and stand 6ft from the booth.

I like this but I'm not having a parade, can I still book it?

Of course. This service is for both outdoors and indoors events.

How far can you travel with this?

Worldwide. Just tell us where and when.

I have more questions, what do I do?

You can head to our general FAQ page, email us, call us or message us.

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