Taking the perfect selfie is so satisfying, yet sometimes it takes 3 million shots to get it. So unless you got a sweet photo booth at home to always get the right shot, here are some tips to up your selfie game.

Pick the perfect angle

Find your best side and use it!. Everybody has an angle or a pose that makes us look amazing, you just have to find it. So take a bunch of selfies from all angle, making all sorts of facial expressions, until you find your right side.

Snap it up

Use the burst option on your phone or camera and take a bunch of shots at a time. This is a great trick if you’re always closing your eyes right when the photo is taken. Taking burst photos is also a good trick to find your best angle and, perhaps, capturing a few Instagram-worthy pictures.

Change it up

Try a few poses out. You don’t want to look the same in every. single. shot. Have fun with it! Be aware of what your background looks like and the look you’re rocking and play with it.

Lighting, Lighting, LIGHTING!!!

Yes, we had to add it to the list. Lighting is such an important aspect of a good photo, without good lighting your photo is doomed!!!

Natural lighting is best but aim for morning or afternoon lighting. It is softer and smoother, helping you avoid those harsh shadows that you get in the middle of the day.

The position of the lighting is also a great way to play with the outcome of your selfies. So play with your light source and go crazy with it.

Once you’ve mastered all these steps you are guaranteed to take a perfect selfie every single time. There is no longer a need to run away from a photo, you’ll rock the perfect pose in every selfie. Before you know it you’ll be running to the photo booth line like a pro.