Let me spill the beans (or maybe just dispense them from a vending machine) on the epic photo booth activation we recently pulled off at Art Basel in Miami for the fabulous folks at The Mighty Shed.

Picture this: a small room in an old warehouse transformed into a tiny convenience store, oozing with cool vibes. The atmosphere was set for an invite-only soirée, where the fashion-forward dared to push the boundaries of style. The cherry on top? Our backdrop was none other than a vending machine that added a quirky touch to the whole setup.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – our GIF and Boomerang booth. Imagine capturing those wild, unforgettable moments in motion, freezing the laughter, the dance moves, and the downright outrageousness in looped perfection. It was like bottling the energy of the party in these shareable, hilarious clips.

But here’s the kicker – we decided to let the good times roll all night long. The booth was left unattended, and guess what happened? The magic unfolded as people embraced the freedom to be themselves, unleashing their inner party animals without a care in the world. The result? A collection of spontaneous, genuine moments that truly captured the essence of the night.

It wasn’t just about striking a pose; it was about creating memories that would last a lifetime. From quirky dance-offs to impromptu karaoke sessions, our booth witnessed it all. And let’s not forget those who found the perfect snack in the midst of the party – thank you, vending machine, for being the unsung hero of the night!

So, whether you were there to showcase your avant-garde fashion sense or simply to revel in the electrifying atmosphere, our photo booth was there to turn those moments into keepsakes. Art Basel in Miami might be known for its cutting-edge art, but this time, the real masterpiece was the unforgettable experience we crafted with The Mighty Shed.

Occasion: Art Basel

Client: The Mighty Shed