The Glam

The Kardashians or Justin & Hailey Bieber got nothing on you. Our Glam (Black & White) booth got you covered with that nice skin-smoothing magic. You're welcome!
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Sample Photos

Aren’t they beyond flawless? But then again so are you 😉

Glam Booth - Sample 6
Glam Booth - Sample 2
Glam Booth - Sample 4
Glam Booth Sample


The Glam comes with a beautifully designed white backdrop, crafted to keep the focus on you. Or go a little crazy and use your venue’s wall if possible😍


Do it with props or without. Either way, the Glam booth is going to make you more flawless than you already are. Just saying  😏


Know exactly what you’re getting. By the way, it’s all good stuff 😎

Delivery & Set up

One Chic Attendant

Custom Photo design

White backdrop

Skin Smoothing

Email & SMS

Unlimited Printing

Online Gallery


How much space do I need for this?

This ideal setup requires a 10ft x 10ft area but we can make it fit in a smaller space if needed.

Can this be outdoors?

No. This can only be indoors.

Can it be branded?

Yes! We can wrap the whole thing to match your brand.

How far can you travel with this?

Worldwide. Just tell us where and when.

What does unlimited printing mean?

It means everyone in a picture gets a copy no matter how many times they take a photo.

I have more questions, what do I do?

You can head to our general FAQ page, email us, call us or message us.

 Ready to have some fun? You know what do you 👇