Slow Motion Booth

Let's slow down time matrix style and have fun doing it. Our booth takes a video and turns it into a slow motion video.

*Limited Availability: Jacksonville, FL.

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Sample Videos

Check out some slow motion videos to get the idea. Much better than us trying to explain this thing to you 👇


Here’s all you get when you book the Slow-Motion booth

Delivery & Set up

One Chic Attendant

Logo Overlay

Free Pool Floats

Email & SMS

Online Gallery


How much space do I need for this?

This ideal setup requires a 10ft x 10ft area

Can this be outdoors?

Technically yes, but we strongly recommend it to be indoors.

Can the videos be emailed or texted?

We can only email them on the spot. But you will receive all of the videos in an online gallery after the event.

I realize that all the samples have a white backdrop, can I use any other color?

Absolutely, but from experience, the white one gives the best result.

Do you bring props?

We usually only bring things that will make the videos more fun. Things such as confetti, soap bubbles, silly strings, wind maker and other fun items. Note that some venues will not allow confetti or silly strings.

How far can you travel with this?

Worldwide. Just tell us where and when.

I have more questions, what do I do?

You can head to our general FAQ page, email us, call us or message us.

Let’s sloooow down time together!