Since the introduction of the open-air photo booth, there has been a lot of talk about which booth is better; the open-air booth or the more traditional enclosed booth. But which is cooler? Which is nicer? Which is more convenient? Those are some of the questions that keep people like me awake all night, but truth be told, the answer varies based not only on preferences but also experiences.

Here’s my take on the matter:

1- Which offer more privacy?

There’s no debate here. The enclosed booth, as you can guess it’s… well… enclosed, so privacy here is at the highest when it comes to photo booths. If you’re looking for a booth where you can play dress-up, have private photos taken, or do whatever it is that you do when nobody is looking, enclosed is the way to go.

Winner: Enclosed photo booth

2- Which offer the best photo-bombing opportunities?

Photo bombing is an art that requires room, even for the more experienced photo bombers. With an open-air booth a photo-bomber, even a newbie, can jump in at any time, meanwhile in an enclosed booth the bomber will have to spend 5 minutes getting ready for the shoot, completely ruining the surprise factor.

Winner: Open-air photo booth

3- Which is better for a large group?

Photo booths are better with friends and so big groups are something to contemplate. Enclosed booths have a set capacity, which often is a high number, however, open-air booths don’t have a maximum capacity, so the sky is the limit or at least size of your room.

Winner: Open-air photo booth

Large Group Photo Booth

4- Which creates a more fun atmosphere?

This depends on how crazy you and your guests are willing to get. Open-air booths, because of their lack of privacy, have the ability to get more people involved. I mean, who doesn’t want to come take a silly photo when grandma is doing just that. Meanwhile, enclosed booths give you the privacy to act as wild as you’d like with no one watching.

Winner: Tie

5- Which requires less space?

While open-air booths have a smaller footprint, they still need some room for the backdrop. In tight spaces, they do just fine but you can lose the ability to accommodate large groups. Enclosed booths have set dimensions which in most case are smaller than that of open-air booths. So in reality, this one depends on the space you have available.

Winner: Tie

Booth at an event

At the end of the day, it depends on what you’re looking for, either way, a photo booth is a fun addition to any event. At Chic-Booth we offer both styles of booths, in our own crazy way. 

If you have any questions or aren’t sure which booth is best for your party leave us a comment and we’ll help you out.