If you follow us on our Facebook or Instagram you might have noticed that we’re a little obsessed with all the murals popping up around town. For the last few years, Jacksonville has started to become more colorful as local and world-renown artists paint the city.

So, due to our latest fascination, I’ve decided to give you a list of our 10 favorite murals, along with where you may find them. Check
them out:

1. Unity by Guido Van Helten

I must start this list with these stunning murals painted on two silos by the Hart Bridge. Australian artist Guido Van Helten found inspiration in local human rights activists Connell Brooms and Sara Mahmoud. Naming the piece “Unity” he stated that “here they model not only as themselves but representatives of unity, eyes fixed on the same vision at a time of increasing divide”. This beautiful mural is the perfect and ideal way to welcome people who are driving into downtown Jacksonville.

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Unity by Guido Van Helten

2. Untitled by Bik Ismo

Talk about an optical illusion. This mural by Puerto Rican artist Bik Ismo is truly a jaw-dropping chrome design, I mean look at the sky and buildings reflecting off of it! You can find this stunning mural downtown at 898 West Forsyth St.

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Untitled by Bik Ismo

3. The Dance of the Seven Sins Muses by Okuda

Just a block away from the chrome flying man is this impressive mural at 927 Events. Spanish artist Okuda created this very colorful mural that can easily be spotted when driving into Downtown Jax from Riverside. I only wish Okuda would make this in photo booth backdrop form.

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The Dance of the Seven Sins Muses by Okuda

4. Phoenix Arts District

This one is actually not 1 mural but a whole area dedicated to art. The Phoenix Arts District is dedicated to giving artists a space to create incredible things. This place is the perfect spot to find murals of all kinds and styles by talented local artists. This mural just happens to be one of my favorites.

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Phoenix Arts District

5. Monstera Leaf Mural by Nico

Speaking of local artists, check out this stunning, and oh so instagrammable mural by local artist Nico. She has been beautifying the city for years so you’ll find her work all over town, and for good reason. This mural is located near CoRK Arts District at Six Hundred King.

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Monstera Leaf Mural by Nico

6. MOSH Mural by Shaun Thurston

This mural is out of this world… get it??? Artist Shaun Thurston is another local artist making a splash all over the city. With this mural, Thurston was able to show a little of what you can expect when walking into the MOSH Museum.

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MOSH Mural by Shaun Thurston

7. Sunflowers and Jellyfish Murals by Brenda Kato,
Mary Allegretti, and Meredith Sullivan

This one is a two for one. Behind JW Discount store in Murray Hill you’ll find these two colorful and beautiful murals by three incredible artists. The first is the Jellyfish Mural by Meredith Sullivan, this mural screams Florida and I love it! The second is the Sunflower Mural by Brenda Kato with glass work by Mary Allegretti. They are so beautiful and full of color.

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Jellyfish by Brenda Kato, Mary Allegretti, and Meredith Sullivan



Sunflowers by Brenda Kato, Mary Allegretti, and Meredith Sullivan

8. La Verdad No Tiene Forma by Dourone

This stunning mural is located near the Court House in Downtown Jacksonville. Full of color and detail, this “Truth has no Form” mural is one of my favorites in town. Although it might be too big for a selfie, it is the perfect setting for a shot of the city with a pop of color.

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La Verdad No Tiene Forma by Dourone

9. Lightness of Being by Rene Romero Schuler

Right in the heart of the Jax Urban Core is this massive mural by Rene Romero Schuler. Right next to the library this blue mural shows two beautiful figures moving. It truly is a lovely addition to the Downtown scene.

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Lightness of Being by Rene Romero Schuler

10. Vulgus Vult Decipi Ergo Decipiatur by Pixel Pancho

This mural is one of the latest ones to decorate the buildings of Downtown Jax. With the text reading “The world wants to be fooled, so let it be fooled” this cool mural is thought-provoking and eye-catching all at once. Artist Pixel Pancho really did an amazing job decorating this beautiful and abandoned building.

Vulgus Vult Decipi Ergo Decipiatur by Pixel Pancho

I hope that more and more murals keep popping up around town, and we’ll be sure to get the best shots of them.

We’d love to keep showing off the incredible art in our city, so if there are more murals you’d like us to include in future posts, let us know in the comments below.