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*Some booths and experiences are limited to specific locations and travel expenses may apply.

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Photo Booth

Our modern and sleek booth. With a powerful touchscreen, DSLR camera, professional-grade flash, and fast printer, this booth can virtually do it all.

The Glam

You, your friends, and your guests are flawless. We just enhance that a bit with with our Glam booth. You’ll look so good, even the Kardashians will get jealous.

Ball Pit

Who said ball pits were only for the little ones? Jump in, fall in, dive in, sink in, and do whatever makes you happy in our custom-built photo booth ball pit.


Packed with an iPad and a ring light, the Selfie Bar is a feature-rich booth and the true definition of fun. This booth is our green option as it does not print at all. Perfect for both long and short-term rentals.

*Limited Availability: Jacksonville, FL. & Dallas, TX

Deep Black

This is not another Kardashians or Hailey Bieber’s Glam (Black & White) booth. This is something else, this is something more epic.

360 Video Booth

Experience a booth like no other. This booth records a 360-degree video in high-def.

*Limited Availability: Jacksonville, FL. & Miami, FL

Vogue Booth

Light. Camera. Action. Have a blast taking photos, making GIFs and Boomerang, and recording videos with this wild LED-powered booth.

3D Boomerang

Yeah, it’s that thing that looks like a 3D image combined with a boomerang. But who cares, it’s cool and fun, so let’s called it… drum roll… 3D Boomerang.


Just relax, life doesn’t have to be so fast pace. Enjoy a little slow-motion action.

*Limited Availability: Jacksonville, FL.


Best for brands and marketing campaigns, our custom solutions are tailored to your needs.

Virtual Booth

A photo booth in your hand? Yes, you can now experience one of our amazing photo booths on your phone. Your virtual events just got better.


On the outside, it’s a 1950s vintage camper. On the inside, it’s a photo lounge that’s waiting for you and your 20 friends to go crazy. Yup, the record stands at 21 people inside at once. Will you beat it?

*Limited Availability: Jacksonville, FL.

Event Photography

We can capture candid shots and details of your events whether you book one of our other experiences or not.

*Limited Availability: Jacksonville, FL.

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