Hey, party legends! 🌴 We’re still riding the Miami vibes from the Mondelez International meeting, and we’ve got the deets for you – Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, check! Tropical vibes, double-check! Let’s rewind and relive the awesomeness.

First up, the Ritz room at Fontainebleau Miami Beach – where class met a sprinkle of whimsy. Our booth had the perfect branded backdrop, custom-printed to transport you straight to Crave Rave paradise. Picture this: brand logos, props, and a touch of magic in every shot. And the printouts? Oh, they were more Miami than a beachside mojito – a custom design that turned each snapshot into a mini-masterpiece.

Ritz by Chic Booth in Miami Ritz

Now, shift the spotlight to the Swedish Fish, Halls, Sour Patch, and Toblerone room – bursting with tropical vibes! The greenery wall set the scene, making it feel like an instant escape to a lush oasis. And those neon signs? Picture-perfect and totally lit, matching the tropical flair of each iconic brand. The room was buzzing with energy, and our booth was the epicenter of the party – where tropical dreams turned into Insta-worthy memories.

Confection Cabana in Miami Beach

And then, there was the Oreo room, taking the fun to new heights at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The Ball Pit Photo Booth – a splash of blue and white balls, a camera perched like the VIP at a rooftop soirΓ©e. Guests took the plunge and the result? Pure photo magic. It was all about diving in, smiling big, and letting the good times roll.

Ball Pit at Mondelez Meeting in Miami


As meeting-goers bounced between sessions, our booths became the ultimate break-time hangout. Laughter echoed through the hotel, memories were made, and friendships solidified with goofy photos and shared smiles.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach, you were the perfect backdrop to this Miami magic and Mondelez International, you sure know how to turn a meeting into an unforgettable experience. Until next time, Miami – keep shining, keep smiling, and keep striking that pose! πŸ“Έβœ¨ #FontainebleauFun #MiamiMagic #PhotoBooth