Open-air vs. Enclosed

Since the introduction of the open-air style photo booths, there has been a lot of talk and comparison between them and the enclosed ones. Which are cooler? Which are nicer? Which are more convenient? Those are some of the questions that are asked but the answers will vary greatly not only based on preferences but also on experiences.

Here’s our take on the matter:

1- Which offer more privacy?

There’s no debate here. The enclosed are well you know enclosed while the open-air ones are not. So obviously, the enclosed booths will offer you way more privacy to do whatever you want to do, whatever that is!

Winner: Enclosed photo booth

2- Which offer the best photobomb opportunities?

The lack of enclosure on the open-air booths just makes it easier for anyone to come mess with the shot you will spend 5 minutes getting ready for.

Winner: Open-air photo booth

3- Which better accommodate large groups?

The enclosed booths have a set maximum capacity. Such capacity can at times be higher than the one of an open-air booth. However the open-air booths can be set up in an area as large as desired, so they have the potential to accommodate more people.

Winner: Open-air photo booth

4- Which better create a fun atmosphere?

While both types of booths are undeniably fun, the open-air ones, because of their lack of privacy, have the ability to get more people involved. I mean, who doesn’t want to come take a silly photo when they see their grandparents doing just that. (Yes, photo booths don’t discriminate)

Winner: Open-air photo booth

5- Which require less space?

While the open-air booths have a lesser footprint, they still require a large space for the backdrop. In tight spaces, they can do just fine but you’ll lose the ability to accommodate large groups. The enclosed booths, however, have set dimensions which in most case are smaller than the optimal dimensions for the open-air photo booths setups.


We might be a little bias with our choices but the winner here is the Open-air booth.

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