I'm writing this post because a friend of mine in the non-profit industry asked me where she could buy a cheap photo booth for the events she does throughout the year. She had a very limited budget, so instead of buying one, I told her she could build her own.

Goal: Build a photo booth that will get the job done.

Total estimated cost: $2,410.89

Disclaimer: Our booths are not built this way. I wouldn't recommend this method for anyone trying to start a photo booth business. Our recommendations are what we believe is best to achieve the goal.

Most ready-to-go photo booth starts at $5,000 and can go all the way up to $13,000 based on your preferences. But you can go cheaper if you decided to buy a shell alone then add the component yourself. Just know that getting a shell will cost you at least $1000 to start.

In my friend's case, that was not an option. This being said, let's look at all the 20 components required to build your very own photo booth. We are not worried about aesthetics nor high-end stuff here, only something to get the job done.

For simplicity purpose, most purchase links are on Amazon. I've added more websites options at the end of the article.

1. Camera + Tripod

When buying the camera, you need to think about the additional lens, the carry bag, the memory card, the battery pack, etc. To make your life easier, buy a bundle:

2. Computer

This is really up to you but I wouldn't recommend anything less than an i5 processor with 8Gb of RAM. The more powerful the better. I wouldn't go too cheap on this one, it's the most important part of your setup. My recommendation below should be okay:

3. Flash Unit + Tripod + Umbrella

4. Printer + Printer Bag

5. Printer Media (Paper + Ink)

Note: You'll need a different type of media if you choose to buy a different printer

6. Power and connection cables

7. Backdrop stand

8. Backdrops

You can buy backdrops at any of the following sites:

9. Software

Other purchase sites:

You can see our photo booth options here. And if you want to simply say hello, you can do that here.

If you need help putting all of these together or have a question, please comment below.

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